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Social Media Policy

This policy has been written to state clearly how I operate ethically and professionally on public sites. This policy is also to protect client’s privacy and confidentiality, and the therapeutic relationship.

Social media is now a normal part of everyday life for many people, I engage in Social Media as do many of the people that I work with, which means there is a possibility that you will see my Social Media activity.

I am active on most of the Social Media platforms and use these accounts for professional purposes only. You are welcome to follow and ‘like’ the content that I post but I will not engage in counselling or help via any of these accounts. If you comment or ‘like’ content I post, please be aware that this may compromise your confidentiality and have an impact on our therapeutic relationship.

I keep a personal Facebook page, I will not accept friends or contact requests from clients on my personal Facebook account.

If you have any questions about this policy please bring them to our work together for discussion.

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