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About me

I love meeting people at a deeper level: when we risk revealing a part of ourselves that we don't normally get to. And, it’s my conviction that when we experience being met and understood at this level - and still accepted - then change is inevitable.

Qualifications & Training

  • MA Counselling (University of Roehampton)

  • Working Online, Online Events

  • The Men's Room. An enquiry into modern manhood, William Ayot

  • Facilitating therapeutic groups for boys with difficult emotions. ​​Nick Luxmoore

  • Effective Anger Management Tools for Working With Men. James Hawes.

  • Loving men: shame and intimacy and men. James Hawes.

  • Introduction to Focussing, Paula Newman.

  • Single Session Therapy Workshops, Windy Dryden

  • Working with Autists Workshop, Max Marnau.

  • Working With Highly Sensitive People  Workshop, Sally Pendreigh.

  • Outdoors Therapy, Carmen Rendell

  • Presence, Attitude, Dialogue & Style: Existential workshop with Lucia Moja- Strasser

  • PGCE Secondary Teacher.

  • BSc, Logic & Philosophy of Science and Physics (University of St Andrews)


I have experience working with:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • anger

  • meaninglessness

  • relationships

  • gender and sexuality

  • spirituality and faith

  • career dissatisfaction

  • parenting

  • autists

  • highly sensitive people (HSPs)

I also work as secondary school teacher and am a parent of two  young boys.


As a secondary-school teacher, I have a passion for supporting fellow teachers in what is an extremely demanding role and am interested in bringing a psychotherapeutic understanding to teaching and learning.


I enjoy exploring and writing about the interaction between culture and the individual, seeing therapy in its wider social and historical perspective. See my Blog for a taste of this.

I also am interested in the impact of spirituality and faith on our lives. See my Blog page for more.

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