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Faith: An Honest Conversation

James and I  met when training to be counsellors. After many years in churches and wrestling with our own faith, we're passionate about creating spaces for honest talk without shame or judgement: what's powerful, what's precious, what's hurt, and what we share.


We'd love for you to get involved! You can subscribe hereget in touch with your own comments, questions or to explore sharing your journey with faith in an interview.

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To get in touch with comments or questions....

  • Get in touch if you'd like us to answer a question or explore an area of spirituality one week.

  • We'll then discuss it  that week and let you know when the video is posted.

To share your journey in an interview

  • Sharing our journeys with faith is so precious. We'd love you to get in touch if you're interested.

  • We'll arrange a time to record the interview together. We can then check for any edits we'd like.

  • The recording will then be posted.

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