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Which pebble are you?

Perhaps that sounds a bit daft. What do I want to know that for? How does that help? Much like traditional counselling questions. What do you want to talk about today? How does that make you feel? After all, how can just talking make any difference?

But this is exactly what can make a real difference in our lives.

I love pebbles. Each is unique. Each its own shape and pattern. Each with its own history engraved on its surface. Each has its own power and solidity. I love looking at pebbles and seeing them as they are, without wishing they were something else, without needing them to be something else.


As with pebbles, so with people. So, which pebble are you? 

Maybe you’re the one at the top of the pile, sparkling in the sun. Perhaps you’re unseen, buried deep. Or the pebble worn out by wave after wave of grief, depression, anxiety or hurt. You might be jagged and rough, scarred and scraped, smooth and perfectly formed, or hollowed out. Perhaps you’re not any of these. Perhaps you don’t really know what sort of pebble you are.

Whatever sort of pebble you are, I offer a confidential and reflective space. We work together. I bring my expertise, my perspective and my unique way of being. You bring your life knowledge, your lived experience and your unique way of being.

Then, together, we notice and understand the different parts of you, with curiosity rather than judgment. We wonder about how things might be ... and what might need to do done for that to happen.


Because, in the end, I believe it is only when we accept ourselves that we give space for change.*

*Or, as Rogers put it, ‘The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change'


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I look forward to hearing from you.

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